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Climbing Towers and Walls provide opportunities for a wide range of climbing experiences.

Climbing Towers

Climbing Towers are traditionally built on utility poles and offer a dynamic and visually exciting focal point for any course. All our climbing towers are custom designed with options including different contours and angled surfaces, and often include other ropes course elements. Climbing Walls can be installed in most indoor facilities for simple beginner experiences to climbing gym style challenges.

Variations include but are not limited to: three, four or five pole structures; inclined or overhanging faces; platforms; chimneys; and walls designed to be accessible to people with disabilities. They can also be incorporated into standard challenge course element layouts. While Climbing Towers vary in height, a typical tower is 40 - 60 feet high.

Climbing Walls are becoming one of the more popular additions to adventure programs. Similar to towers, they can provide participants with different opportunities for climbing experiences. As with towers they can be designed with inclines, overhangs, platforms, and either multiple-fixed or single-traversing belay systems. Moveable climbing holds and many anchors provide the possibility of a variety of climbs, depending on the needs of the site.

Climbing Walls can be installed on existing concrete or cinder block walls or can be framed with plywood surfacing or prefabricated rock panels. Textured paint can be added to enhance the quality and durability of wood climbing surfaces.



Climbing Structures

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