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aking challenge course programs accessible for participants with disabilities.

With the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, adventure learning programs and challenge courses are required to make their programs accessible to all participants, regardless of their physical or emotional ability.

an accessible course element

Creating a learning environment that physically and emotionally challenges a person with a disability without recreating the difficulties experienced in every day life is our challenge as course and program designers.

Rather than just focusing on designing specific activities for participants with disabilities, we at Northeast Adventure have chosen to also focus on developing low and high elements that offer a challenge to all participants, regardless of their level of ability. We believe this approach fully values every participant in challenge course programs.

For those programs which work mostly or only with populations with disabilities, we have elements, activities and safety systems designed specifically for different types and levels of ability, mobility and body support.

Our services include:

Consultation on making your Challenge Course site, elements and program open to all levels of physical ability.

Design and Installation of Challenge Courses for programs working with specific populations.

Integration of Universal Challenge Course low and high elements into existing challenge course programs.

Skills Training in using systems and activities with participants with disabilities.

Making programs accessible to all is a commitment we fully embrace. We encourage you to call to discuss options for your program.


Universal Accessible Courses

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