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All element prices are based on the design and location of the course. Building in trees, poles, or existing structures all affect costs of the activities in a proposal. Please contact us for specific quotes.

The following is a list of many of the challenge course activities we offer:

Low Initiatives
and Elements:

Accessible Islands*
Accessible Spider's Web*
Adjustable Bird's Nest
All Aboard
Australian Maze
Balance Boards
   (for indoor use)
Beam 8'
Boson's Chairs
Chicken Wire Traverse
Criss Cross
Fidget Ladder
Hanging Teeter Totter
Hickory Jump
Hole In One
Inclined Beams*
Meat Grinder
Mohawk Walk
Nitro Crossing
Nitro Trolley*
Seagull Swing
Spider's Web*
Stump to Stump Swing
Swing Aboard Platform
Swinging Log
Swinging Platform*
Swinging Tires
Telephone Pole Shuffle
Triangular Tension Traverse
Trust Fall Platform
Vertical Pole Tire
Wall 12'
Whale Watch*
Wild Woosey

High Elements:

Accessible Haul System*
Burma Bridge
Burma Loops
Cargo Nets*:
    Bird's Nests
Cat Walk
Centipede Climbs
Centipede Stemming Climbs
Climbing Towers*
Climbing Walls*
Commando Crawl
Dangle Duo
Dangle Quad
Etrier Crossing
Flying Squirrel*
Giants Swing
Horizontal Play Pen*
Inclined Log
Kitten Crawl
Multivine Traverse
Pamper Plank
Pamper Pole
Portable Pamper Pole
Pirates Crossing
Platform to Platform Swing
Prusik Climbs
Raised platform*
Rappel Platform
Screamer Swing*
Ships Passing In The Night
Stemming Climbs
Tired Two Line
Tired Two Line Trolley*
Traversing Counter
    Weight System*
Vertical Play Pen
Zip Wire

* These elements are specifically designed for programs which work with people with disabilities. We encourage organizations to make their courses accessible to all participants regardless of physical ability.


Our Elements List

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