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n addition to offering reliable service, we believe our prices are the most competitive of any organization that provides state-of-the-art innovative challenge course designs, installations and trainings.

The following information can help you in estimating the costs involved in starting and/or maintaining a challenge course program. This information should be used for general pricing purposes only. Prices can vary considerably depending on the number and type of activities you choose. Please call our office for specific quotes.

Planning and Design
Climbing Towers
Utility Pole Courses
Safety Equipment
Training & Program Management
Custom Trainings
Course Inspections
Element Design & Equipment Testing
Other Costs

Planning and Design

The cost for a consultation/evaluation visit for course planning or design ranges between $300 and $500 per day. If a proposal generated from a consultation/evaluation visit is accepted, the cost for the visit (not including travel expenses) will be credited toward the proposal when accepted.


Low ropes and initiative elements -
10 to 12 Elements

to $6,000

High ropes course elements -
4 to 6 Elements

to $10,000

Climbing Towers - Custom Designed

Pricing is done individually depending
on the size and style of tower specified.

$7,000 to $80,000
and up

Utility Pole Courses

Additional costs for installing courses using utility poles include: poles, delivery, ground anchors, and pole and ground anchor installation. Costs vary considerably depending on site considerations (e.g. access, presence of rock) and design of the course layout. Please call to discuss designs and estimates.

Safety Equipment

For high challenge course elements

to $3,000

All equipment necessary for Low Element operation is included in the cost of the element.

Training and Program Management

Prices range from $700 to $1,100 per day for one facilitator. From 8 to 12 participants may attend depending on type of training.

Typical five day Low and High Elements Skills Training


Custom Trainings

Custom Trainings are quoted based on the training content, the number of facilitators and the number of days. Please call to discuss your program and receive a quote.

Course Inspections

Costs range from $500 to $1,000 and up depending on the size and design of the course.

Element Design and Equipment Testing

Prices for verification of element design and/or structural integrity tests of equipment vary depending on course needs. Please call for a quote.

Other Costs

Travel Expenses (including mileage, airfare, tolls, parking)
Travel expenses are based on distance and other travel considerations. Meals and lodging are billed based on actual receipts unless other arrangements are made.

Travel Time This represents the cost of the time needed to travel to and from your site when travel arrangements entail transportation other than driving (e.g. flying).
Over 4 hours but not more than 8 hours : $200


Estimating Costs

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